Licence Applications

Credit Licencing have put together several packages to assist you in the process of complying when applying for an Australian Credit Licence (ACL).

These packages can provide you with all the compliance registers and documentation for your application, complete the application with ASIC on your behalf and provide documents, registers and support for your first year as an Australian Credit Licence holder.


    Package 1 -
    Compliance Plan & Template Documents DIY    

    $1,560 (ex GST)

    This package contains a step by guide to help you through the application process as well as a set of compliance templates. The guide will simplify and help answer the questions and requirements asked of you as a licensee by ASIC. The compliance templates are essential in obtaining a license, and are the biggest hurdle to potential licensees. These templates will not be personalised and customising these and the questions will be your responsibility.



    Package 2 -
    Compliance Plan & Documents Standard 

    $2,890 (ex GST)

    This package involves a step by step approach through the entire licensing process and a full set of personalised compliance plans, policies and procedures to reflect your business. We will formulate your submission to ASIC and help prepare all required documentation as well as the submission itself. We will manage and respond to all ASIC queries regarding the application. Our professional team will handle the application process through to completion to remove the complications for you.



    Package 3 -
    Compliance Plan, Documents & Compliance Certificate Professional

    $4,350 (ex GST)

    This package is a complete licensing and first year compliance pack. We will manage your license application through to submission as well as all correspondence with ASIC and will make sure you have all the regulatory requirements met for the first year of being a licensee. The compliance package includes an annual desktop audit, updates on regulatory changes and assistance in preparation of required registers and compliance systems. We will lodge the CL50 (Annual Compliance Certificate) with ASIC on your behalf and make sure your compliance arrangements are up to date and reflective of your business model.


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